You look like Betty Boop!!

She never much liked hearing that.

Yes, her appearance was likened to the sensual Betty Boop. That was my mom. Short dark hair; big, beautiful eyes. And curves where women want curves. She was Betty Boop.

That said, Mom did not boop-oopa- doop anywhere (although I have caught her gracefully dancing by herself in the kitchen). Mom was intelligent, beautiful, tough, kind, compassionate and all a mom should be. And she still is. To Mom, beauty is only about what’s inside; what goodness develops from both intentions and actions.

May brings about Mother’s Day when we, as women and moms, receive recognition for being who we are: Mom. We appreciate the recognition, but we don’t expect it. Don’t need it. But our insides do swoon with love when we’re thanked on our special day. You can relate, can’t you?

We moms are the foundation and rocks of our families. We are masters of multi-tasking—from work, to our homes, to sniffles, flu bugs, carpet stains—and we are culinary artists of the-meatloaves-ourkids-turn-their-noses-to. And while the flurry of daily tasks may seem daunting at times, there’s a silent power within. We’re needed. We keep life rolling. We’re the maintenance crew for our families and our domains. And what an honor it is.

May also is a traditionally popular month for weddings. Thus within your hands, find Glo’s wedding issue. Check out wedding trends for this spring … enjoy this section (and look forward to our next wedding issue this fall!). Flip through each page of this issue to focus on the beauty of womanhood. Who we are. What’s available for us from area fashion to hairstyles to the many to-do’s in this great region.

Enjoy this lovely May issue, and give the moms in your life extra squeezes and appreciation for a lifetime of unconditional love. And to my own children, Courtney and Calvin, you are the greatest gifts and treasures in my life. Thank you for keeping my heart full with love and pride. And to Dalton, Tom and Luke… thank you for allowing me into your lives and hearts. Thanks to all of you kids—and to my best friends Betty Boop Mom and my better half Joe—thank you; I am truly blessed. Thus ends the sweet, yet very sincere mush of May’s message.

Happy May, readers! I appreciate your enthusiasm—and what a privilege it is to create Glo issues for you. I’m proud to be your editor. YOU are the reason we’re happy to work so hard—in between impromptu boop-oop-a-doop kitchen dances, that is.

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