Workouts to Move You

Starting a workout routine is not always easy given our busy lives, yet when we do exercise the benefits are tremendous. Who doesn’t want a stronger heart, more flexibility, less pain and more strength and stamina to get through the day? Let’s not forget better brain power, memory and creativity along with mood boosters and deeper sleep.

A solid routine includes cardio, strength and flexibility. “If a client’s goal is to be healthier, we would include a sound warm-up, general stretching, strength, cardio, core work and deep stretching,” said Valerie Powers, owner of Powers of One in Roanoke.

What To Try and Why


A combination of boxing, martial arts and aerobics, the chances of getting bored are slim. It provides a full-body workout targeting cardiovascular endurance and includes all major muscle groups and also improves balance, coordination and flexibility.  definite confidence booster.


It’s fun, highly motivating and boredom busting. Benefits include cardiovascular and muscle toning, plus a high calorie burn. A great way to improve your mood and shimmy-shake off those extra pounds.


Let those feel-good endorphins fly! Running conditions the entire cardiovascular system and tones hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, calf muscles, hip flexors and your entire core area. Not for people with creaky knees or the faint of heart.


Less stressful on your knees, hips and back than running or a treadmill, elliptical machines are equipped with movable upper body handles or poles similar to ski poles, which allow you to exercise both your arms and legs. Low impact, yes, but a solid cardiovascular workout just the same.


Most of us skimp on stretching—even though we know it’s beneficial for our muscles, joints and mobility. Good news for multi-taskers! Because stretches are dynamic, not static, Pilates stretches and strengthens muscles at the same time.


The benefits of yoga are strength, flexibility and relaxation. Regardless of your weight, state of health or physical limitations, one of the best things about yoga is there is a yoga style for everyone: power yoga, hot yoga, prenatal yoga, therapeutic yoga and many more.

Strength Training

“Women get nervous about adding weights to their routines because they don’t want to ‘bulk up’ or ‘look manly,’” said Eliana Sommer, certified National Academy of Sports Medicine personal trainer. “It would take a lot of training to get that manly look. Adding weights makes your body stronger and you get a more toned look. Lifting light weights, with high reps (20 to 25) is the best way. When you start gaining muscle, you’ll burn more calories throughout the day; an added bonus!” Plus, Powers said, “Challenging your muscles with hand weights, machines or body weight exercise is great for bone strength, especially if you’re prone to osteopenia or osteoporosis.”

The best workouts are the ones you’ll stick with. Keep it fun by mixing things up, staying with the basic tenets of cardio, strength and flexibility. Invite exercise into your day and reap the benefits of a healthy, vibrant life.

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