Wedding Trends for 2015

It’s all about the dress, of course. Each wedding’s main attraction has long been the bride’s gorgeous gown and in 2015, that gown is more romantic than ever. Wedding couture is the stuff of lacy fancy and billowing skirts that float and move.

Still, when hasn’t a wedding (and the gown) been about romance? But in 2015, the over-the-top fabric details, layers and accessories (capelets are in, in a big way), are made flirty and tastefully sexy with peek-a-boo backs and mid-sections. It’s been demure but alluring off-the-shoulder looks in the spotlight, making big news at wedding fashion shows.

A lot of this layered and decidedly less structured look, is part of the movement to boho chic in wedding gowns. There’s lots of drapey length in off-white and muted colors. Say good-bye to the pop of color against an all-white back drop, like a red sash at the waist or a dip-dyed sheer overlay. Even last season’s blushes and roses have become this year’s all-over muted coppers and steely blues.

whats-trending-weddingsWhen the focus isn’t on the bride’s look, it’s on the rustic but beautiful fete that follows the ceremony. Couples are still embracing what the hipsters of Brooklyn and Seattle have pioneered: the elegantly unfinished and understated vibe of barn receptions and open, unassuming spaces. Social media sites like Pinterest are still chockablock with hand chalked menus and homemade banners with tables that are set—and set under—lots of less-structured floral elements. Think reclaimed vintage. “Very whimsical, organic, vintage chic themes—it really is a look that’s hanging on. Lots of mixing and matching of textures is very popular,” says Natalie Taylor, store manager at Taylor Rental/Party Plus of Auburn. “Not everything has to match.”

To go with the purposely relaxed and natural look of the reception, lighting tends to loop and hang and sway in strands and lighted arbors. Guests dine under welcoming, soft lights that put them at ease and maintain the romantic tone. To balance the homey, artsy-crafty feel of burlap accents and muted colors, tables and, increasingly, the fingers of newlyweds, are set with rose gold and copper tones. The prevailing white metallics are being replaced or mixed with warmer metals. In wedding bands, Ron Sprunger of Richard’s Jewelry in Berne is “seeing is rose gold and yellow gold, especially in combination with white gold and platinum, as accents.”

Cakes are going back-in-time, too, to their monotone roots. A white cake is the belle of the ball in piped and sweet accents in white and ivory, a move away from ombre. Like the gowns, cakes embrace the romantic, bohemian details in lace. Additionally, those golden hues are hitting the dessert table, along with a return to buttercream. When the couple decides to opt out of a traditional cake, French bites pick up the slack. Macaroons in their classic French-style are very oh la la and tasty to boot.

Sparklers and photo booths remain in style because 2015 weddings emphasize fun for the guests. Fun, comfort, and lots and lots of food. In addition to the usual courses, reception guests might find an idling food truck in the parking lot as they exit the wedding, giving them a little post-party nosh for the ride home. If the food truck doesn’t motor in at the end the night, some couples are providing “junk trunks” that have grab-and-go snacks for guest taking their leave.

2015 promises to be a good year for the bride who loves romance and casual elegance.

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