Troy Hershberger – Deputy Chief of Operations, Allen County Sheriff ’s Department


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Troy Hershberger’s passion and commitment for the Fort Wayne community is not only evident in his role as deputy chief of operations for the Allen County Sheriff ’s Department, but also through his active involvement as a board member of the YWCA.

In his daily life, Hershberger has numerous duties, overseeing field operations for patrol, criminal investigations, crime scene management and various other aspects of law enforcement. “I am blessed to have a good, professional and hardworking staff who gives countless hours of their time and at all hours of the day, every day of the year,” he said.

Hershberger’s work ethic and character, however, he attributes to two particular women. “My mother taught me to be strong, independent, have a good work ethic and to be frugal,” he said. “My grandmother taught me good Christian and family values. Both women worked long careers during a time when it was unusual for women to work. Their longterm dedication … influenced me on my long-term service to the public as a 26-year veteran of the Allen County Sheriff’s Department.”

Growing up as the youngest of three children, Hershberger was active in sports and was a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie. “I entered IPFW as a freshman in the fall of 1985 to play baseball and gravitated to taking criminal justice classes,” he explained. “In my third year, the Allen County Sheriff ’s Department was beginning a hiring process and I was fortunate to be hired in 1989. I worked through the ranks holding various positions and became the criminal investigations commander in 2006.”

During this time, Hershberger met Debby Beckman, executive director for the YWCA. Because of the YWCA’s commitment to the community with the Women’s Shelter program, he became a board member. “My involvement with the YWCA is … to give back to the community in the way I am able by providing my time and talents.”

Hershberger and his wife have two daughters. “Both girls are their own person but are strong, independent and caring girls,” he said. “I can only hope that I have displayed to them a solid foundation of hard work, dedication and determination can lead to success in life.”

Hershberger also credits his wife. “My wife is my role model,” he said. “She complements me well as she is a hardworking, organized, results-oriented and an outgoing person. She is able to bring the best out in me … I can always count on her for the stability in life.”

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