Rebekah’s Favorite Things: January Edition

Getting back into yoga again last month required a bit of a fitness wardrobe overhaul. My “yoga pants” were basically glorified pajamas after not being used for their intended purpose in quite some time. Enter Just Live’s race time capris. … Continue reading


Rebekah’s Favorite Things: September 2014 Edition

Traminette wine At last month’s Wine, Women and Wellness event sponsored by glo magazine, I not only tried the famous wine slushie at Two EE’s Winery in Huntington (delicious!), but also picked up a bottle of their Traminette. Traminette grapes … Continue reading

Rebekah's Favorite Things

Rebekah’s Favorite Things: June Edition

One of my favorite things this month is Nashville, Tenn. Having never been there before, a recent trip there for a friend’s wedding was a welcome opportunity to explore this awesome city. I was awestruck: beautiful city; wonderfully friendly people; … Continue reading