Timely Travel Safety Tips

Summer is family travel time, and while fun is definitely a priority, so is safety. Kids travel and parenting expert, Grainne Kelly, shares her best travel safety tips.

  1. If traveling by air, scan and email your travel documents yourself and keep them safer than putting them in your luggage. Once at your destination, just print a copy if needed.
  2. Follow all of the typical child safety requirements for car travel, even if you are renting a car. Kelly reminds you to use approved child safety seats as required by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
  3. Don’t forget a first aid kit! Assemble your own or buy one with the basics: bandages, pain reliever, antiseptic cream, a thermometer, etc.
  4. Childproof your vacation location, whether it’s a hotel room or someone’s house. Bring outlet covers and a travel gate.
  5. To keep your children from getting lost (or in the event that they do), Kelly recommends you “Dress your kids in distinctive or brightly colored clothes to make them more visible and write down your contact information on an index card and place it in your kids’ pockets to make contacting you easier.”
  6. Bring along a car emergency kit and supplies: “jumper cables, flares, blankets, water, fire extinguisher, mini tire compressor, basic tools, rope/bungee cord and a flashlight.” While these tips can’t prevent everything unpleasant from happening, it can help minimize travel woes and help maximize travel fun!
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