“This month’s words to read, accounts to follow, stuff to download and sites to discover.”

By Nicole Leigh Shaw

Read: Emma, by Jane Austen. This classic work of literature is equal parts love story, comedy of errors and commentary about the importance of social standing and how love can govern all. Might even be better than date night.

Follow: Krys Melo (@melodramablog) on Instagram. This is inspirational Instagram to fall in love with. There’s travel, décor, DIY, food and cocktails, all wrapped up in some straight-up romantic photography. Everything you need to inspire your lifestyle for the rest of the year.

Download: “What If I,” off Meghan Trainor’s album Title. Still sassy and girl powered, but a more chilled out, R&B version of her pop radio hits. Great to croon along to while thinking about the lips you want to be kissing.

Discover: The New York Times Modern Love essays (http://www.nytimes.com/column/modern-love) tackle both conventional and unconventional concepts on love in their series of posts from various writers. A perfect site for contemplating the nature of love as Valentine’s Day approaches.

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