The Right Diet: 3 Steps Toward Bikini Confidence

It’s true. The cold days of winter are over, and with each warming second, that warm sunshine is lurking. Waiting. Waiting for a day when we shed the jeans and grab the season’s first swimsuit.

A swimsuit with no choice but to broadcast the clam chowder and the brownie and the daily whole-milk lattes with whipped cream. To help you back into the jungle of dieting, here are a few key steps towards permanent weight loss:


“Hydration is important to promote good digestion and metabolism,” said Emily Jones, a local dietitian based in Warsaw. Eat it. Drink it. It is the first rule of weight loss. Drinking as much water as possible will keep your body hydrated and also fill your stomach before you run into the bagel cart at work. ‘Eating’ water is as simple as eating mostly vegetables and fruits. Generally, if it drips, then it is made mostly of water and will pass through your body without turning into fat. Jones recommended “water-based foods like watermelon, broccoli, cucumber and oranges to provide volume which satiates and hydrates our bodies.” Avoid foods that are heavy or dry like pasta, bread, potatoes and rice.

Vegetables + Protein = Weight Loss


Counting calories is not the most fun you will have this spring, but it will be the most important tool towards your weight loss. One pound is equal to approximately 3,555 calories. With that in mind, Jones said, “the calories you consume must be less than the calories you expend. There are apps for this (my favorite is My Fitness Pal) that help a girl keep track of intake (food) and output (exercise). There really is no way to lose weight without doing the math along the way.

Exercise Commandments:

• Do Cardio Every Day for 20-30 Minutes
• 3x Each Week Work Out For A Longer Period
• Don’t Neglect Weights/Strength Exercises


We’ve all seen the yogurt commercials, but do you know that probiotics are essential to weight loss? The bacteria found in the digestive system can thwart any diet if those bacteria are out of balance. To keep your own system from absorbing calories and storing fat, add probiotic, fiber, digestive enzyme and Omega-3 supplements to your daily intake. Yes, you must take all of them every day—you will not regret it. This regimen will boost the success of your weight loss diet and exercise program so that your results are optimal. If you prefer to glean probiotics from yogurts, make sure they claim to have “live cultures,” warned Jones.

A Healthy Day’s Meal Plan

Breakfast: Quinoa bowl with honey, fresh fruit and yogurt
Snack: Raw carrots with hummus
Lunch: Chicken stew (clear broth, loaded with vegetables) and side salad
Snack: Sunflower seed-raisin-granola mixture (½ cup)
Dinner: Grilled salmon with roasted vegetables and a baked sweet potato
Dessert: Baked apple drizzled with honey and cinnamon
*Includes 30 minutes of daily cardio

You will be ready for that bikini in no time. Be patient, stick to the diet and exercise best for you and remember that the goal is health—not Hollywood. Your most beautiful “you” is the woman who feels good and spreads that light to everyone around her. Spring is almost here, so let’s start glowing!

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