The Cover: “Alterations”

glo coverThe Cover Artist: Dawn Lehman De Santo

Inspiration behind piece:

Dawn-Lehman-DeSantoBeing able to change with life… making alterations in your journey, yet still staying focused on what matters to you.

About Dawn

What Does Art Mean to You? I love the quote by Oscar Wilde: “Art is not a thing, it is a way.” To me, art is not the technical aspect as much as it is capturing an emotion or feeling and conveying it to the viewer.

What is your favorite medium? Every medium has its beauty! That’s like choosing a favorite food!

Where do you prefer to work on your art? I draw anywhere… no favorite spot.

What inspires you most? Most inspiring… my life, my faith, my husband and sons—and amazing, strong women.

Who is/are your biggest supporter(s)? Biggest supporters…first it was my parents and sisters, then my husband, my sons, my friends… so blessed.

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