Ted Mekianov | Cars and Kindness

Ted Mekianov he glowsTed Mekianov used to draw Porsche emblems onto his school notebooks while he was bored in class. Growing up in Bulgaria, where he lived until he was 18, he has been fascinated with cars since middle school. It’s no surprise then that Mekianov now represents two of the most exquisite automobile brands in the world at Fort Wayne’s O’Daniel Automotive Group — Audi and Porsche — where he strives to provide unique and memorable car buying experiences for his clients. Although he now deals in luxury vehicles, Mekianov’s beginnings are humble and he admits that is what makes him what he is today. It’s his great-grandmother, who lived in the secluded mountains of Bulgaria, who made the most impression on him as a child. “She had no running water, TV or radio. Until she was in her 80s, she would walk to get water then heat it on a wood stove. Every time I visited, she’d get up before the sun rose and make us pancakes on the stove,” said Mekianov. “I’m so glad I got to be a part of her meaningful, yet simple, life. She had tenacity. I can’t imagine living like she did for a few weeks, let alone a whole lifetime.” In addition to fueling his love for cars, working at O’Daniel also provided Mekianov the opportunity to get involved in Junior Achievement. For the past three years, he has taught sixth graders about the JA’s Global Marketplace. “It’s perfect for me. I teach them about world trade and world cultures. It fits me well since I am an immigrant selling import cars,” said Mekianov. When not driving his own 2014 Porsche Cayman S on tracks throughout the Midwest, Mekianov enjoys reading, writing, cooking, listening to the radio and watching films. If he could pass along one sentence of wisdom to the world, it would be this: “It’s not really wisdom, just a plea: be kind!”

Photo by Bonnie Manning, Feature Photographer
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