Suze Fair, Pastor at Fellowship Missionary Church


Photo by by Leaha Meinika

By Deborah C. Gerbers

A shared belief among many Midwesterners is this part of the country is simply the best place to live and raise a family. For Suze Fair, pastor at Fellowship Missionary Church, this belief could not be more true—for her own upbringing and her children’s. Combine that with her exuberance for life and deep faith in God, and she’s a true testament to enjoying the moment.

“I love life!” she said. “I have a ton of energy. I’m convinced this comes not only from the joy the Lord promises to give me as my strength, but also my deep conviction that life is worth celebrating — every minute.”

Raised by her parents in what she calls a “beautifully traditional, Midwestern way,” Fair and her siblings faithfully attended and served the same church their entire childhoods. She named her years spent growing up as the most influential times of her life.

“My parents have always made our family a priority and beyond their love and commitment, I often think of my dad’s folks as significant role models for me,” she said. “I think of the ways they loved me as foundational to the way I live today. They both had a deep and real faith, and were generous, thoughtful and authentic in every interaction — characteristics I hope to keep developing in my own life.”

Indeed, Fair’s life seems to embody these very beliefs. Married to fellow pastor Kelly for 28 years, she and her husband share three children—Ben, Katie and Mackenzie. A devoted mother and wife, Fair is also a former Associate Professor of Communication at Taylor University Fort Wayne, a job she truly enjoyed.

“These years remain as some of the best in my professional career,” she said. “I absolutely loved teaching, but even more than that—building relationships with the students.”

And building relationships is something she continues in her current work at Fellowship Missionary Church. In addition to performing duties as a pastor, Fair also leads by working with the team responsible for Sunday worship experience, as well as with the Communication and Leadership teams. “One of the most compelling traits of a leader is the ability to lead JOYFULLY,” she said.

Empowered by her faith, Fair truly is an inspirational example of loving and living life joyfully


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  1. Hi Suze I just want to thank you for following God’s directing last weekend at Colonial woods women’s retreat. You prayed that the person that was in pain would be healed. That person was me. I have not been in pain since that day, I can get in and out of the car with out pain I can get up from sitting with out pain. I’m just praising God every day off that healing and for you following his direction. Thank again
    Roberta Davis.

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