Staff Question: What’s your Favorite Pink Item?

In honor of the color of Breast Cancer Awareness, which is honored this month, we asked the glo staff what their favorite pink item was… here’s what tickles us pink:

watermelon“Watermelon… my favorite summertime fruit!” – Shelley Galbreath, glo feature writer

pink elephants“Pink elephants! My college roommate and I wanted to just say, “I love you!” We felt self-conscious about using those words because we were 18 years old and not use to expressing the love for a friend. We would just say, “Pink elephants!” We still keep in touch.” – Bonnie Manning, glo feature photographer

pink sweatshirt“My pink sweatshirt because it is oversized and I can curl up into it on a cool, fall day.” – Darlene Eichelberger, glo marketing assistant

pink ribbon“My favorite pink thing is the pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness. It’s a symbol for remembering those who have lost their battle and a commitment to continue fighting this terrible disease.” – Lynn Keefer, glo account executive

pink guitar“My pink guitar signed by Nancy Wilson.” – Julie Young. glo feature writer

pink g2 pen“My pink Pilot G-2 pen. It’s a lot more fun editing in pink than red!” – Rebekah Whirledge, glo editor

pink stuff“Pink lilacs, pink cotton candy, pink ham and pink ice cream sodas with lots of fizzy water!!” – Barb Sieminski, glo feature writer

pink flowers“Pink has always been my favorite color. I love pink roses. The first corsage my future husband gave me featured 12 tiny pink roses. When I was a teen and finally managed to secure a bedroom of my own, I painted it pale pink. Naturally, when we moved into our first home my husband didn’t want pink so I gave up my pink walls for a china pattern that features a pink Pasadena rose on a white background. I had it for decades and I still love it.” – Jeri Seely, glo editor-in-chief

pink poodle“My favorite pink thing is a little French pink poodle I found of the garage sale for a quarter. I loved that cracked, one eyed little guy.” – Drema Drudge, glo feature writer

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