Spring Cleaning: It’s That Time of Year!

By Judy Edgar, Owner
Maids to Order

Ah, spring cleaning… it’s that time of year when the sun shines in and shows what winter left behind on your furniture, floors, in the corners and under furniture! Yikes!

Spring cleaning reminds me of my childhood— my mother (and those of us who were big enough to help) would take down curtains, pick up throw rugs and take them outside to hang on clothesline and beat the dust out. She’d move furniture, wash walls and windows, turn mattresses and clean out closets. And what a great feeling it was when the job was done and everything sparkled and smelled so terrific!

But times have changed and most of us have so little time to really delve into a complete home-cleaning like our mothers and grandmothers did—nor do we seem to have the help to accomplish the tasks at-hand. But spring cleaning and cleanliness are still as important as ever.

Dust and dirt can cause numerous problems with our health. Inside air is 10 times more harmful than outdoors. Dust can cause all kinds of respiratory difficulties—from simple allergies to full-blown asthma attacks. Black mold found in bathrooms and basements can be breathed into the lungs causing some forms of cancers.

What many homeowners do to maintain a clean home during today’s busyness is have a professional cleaning service organize and clean their homes on a regular basis. It’s the answer many people need. But, here are some tips homeowners can use at home:

Baking soda and vinegar work great to clean out drains and make them smell fresh
A small amount of liquid dish soap with water and white vinegar cleans windows and mirrors and glass top tables

Happy spring cleaning!

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