Spring Break Travel Totes

As all Hoosiers know, the coming of spring does not automatically mean warm, sunny weather. In fact, that familiar chill tends to hang in the air with a vengeance until around mid-May. So if anyone deserves a spring getaway, it’s us Midwesterners. Why not pack up for a week and soak in some rays?

A trip of any duration requires some luggage, but a day out on the beach or a jaunt around the city specifically calls for a tote. A cross between a carry-on and a handbag, the tote has evolved considerably since its 1950s debut. Today, the classic tote is as much a fashion accessory as it is functional. They come in a variety of styles suited to each woman’s individual taste and are designed for one primary purpose: to carry a pretty decent amount of stuff.

But with so many styles to choose from, how does one pick the perfect tote? While out shopping around The Fort, we found three well-rounded candidates.

In addition to carting around flip-flops and that worn paperback, the Spring Break tote is a first aid kit against the perils of the very nature that beckons us. Remember to pack sunscreen, aloe and perhaps even bug spray depending on the destination. You’ll be glad you!

For the Bahama Mama

Cinda B Beach BagBrand: Cinda B
Model: Beach Bag (pictured in Neptune)
Price: $135
Found at: Opal & Ruby Gift Emporium
Why it’s great: Durability. This tote, as its name suggests, was engineered for the beach and is deep enough to accommodate towels, clothes, suits and snorkels. It features a discrete zippered pocket to hide valuables and large exterior pockets perfect for sunscreen and easy-access snacks for the kiddos. The entire bag is water resistant, sand repellent and 100 percent washable. This trendy beach gear will hold up to the test of time. “The Neptune pattern is always popular for beach destinations—it’s a nautical theme,” said Kristen Packnett, managing partner of Opal & Ruby. For the

UV-loving Vintage Gal

Mona B Journey Canvas ToteBrand: Mona B
Model: Journey Canvas Tote
Price: $60
Found at: Bloom ‘N Things at Glenbrook Mall
Why it’s great: Charm. “Discovery. Journey. Explore.” says it all. Made of high-quality, recycled materials, this shabby-chic find comes from an up-and-coming brand with a unique flair fitting to most women’s wardrobes. The Journey model features a cloth lining with matching slip pocket and magnetic closure and a canvas exterior with leather detailing. The materials and color are friendly to signs of outdoor use. The company is friendly to the outdoors. What’s not to love about this?

For the Surf Sophisticate

Express Large Perforated Tote BagBrand: Express
Model: Large Perforated Tote Bag (pictured in Sunset Coral)
Price: $59.90
Found at: Express at Glenbrook Mall
Why it’s great: Versatility. Get the look of leather for less at Express in this season’s perforated trend. It’s large enough for beach goodies and classy enough to carry every day. The detachable interior pouch provides privacy and the security of a zipper. The exterior is made of a rather damage-resistant synthetic coated fiber with a magnetic closure at the top. How fun!

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