Sandi Patty Excited To Return to Her Hoosier Homeland

With five Grammy awards, four Billboard Music Awards and 40 Dove Awards over her illustrious 30-year career, Sandi Patty is the most awarded female vocalist in contemporary Christian music history. On Jan. 31, she will take the stage at the Honeywell Center in support of her latest album “Everlasting,” which contains a variety of inspirational songs including: “Another Time Another Place,” “God & King” and “The Lord’s Prayer.”

We spoke with Sandi by phone last month from her home in Oklahoma City and the former Anderson resident said she was excited to return to the Hoosier heartland in the new year!

Julie: What can your fans expect to hear from you on the “Everlasting” tour?

Sandi: “There is a good mixture of hymns and worship songs. I use a lot of the songs that are on the album and I still bring in some of the good old standards that people tend to request over the years. It’s a little bit of everything.”

J: The “Everlasting “album has a lot of wonderful music on it including “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and “How Great Thou Art.” Can you tell us about the songs that inspire you?

S: “I love songs that I can first and foremost say ‘this is true in my heart’ and I remember learning ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ in high school. I loved what it said and now that I am older, I really love what it says in terms of relationships being there for one another. The album also contains the Prayer of St. Francis, ‘Lord Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace…’ and I think that is another great and meaningful lyric.”

J: Who were some of the early influences in your life? Specifically women influences?

S: “My parents were certainly my earliest influences. They were both wonderful musicians and I grew up learning songs in the church, taking piano lessons and singing lessons from my dad. I devoured the albums of Karen Carpenter. I would listen to those albums because I loved her interpretation of songs. She was the voice teacher I had but never met.”

J: Do you have a philosophy on life?

S: I have a phrase I adopted a long time ago: It all matters. We have to be mindful of how we act when no one is watching, to take care of the instrument that God gave us, to be nice to the lady at the checkout counter because it all matters. We are multi-dimensional people, but we have to be the same in every dimension of our lives. I often tell the women who I mentor, those who are just stepping into the music business, that what you do onstage is real, but it’s not the real world. It’s a delicate balance and it has to be approached with a great deal of prayer, but ultimately your choices have to reflect what your priorities are because it all matters.

J: You have had such an accomplished career; is there anything you would still like to do or any artist you would still like to work with?

S: “I’d love to meet Barbara Streisand because she has had a tremendous impact on my life, but I have gotten to do so many things that what remains on my wish list is not there because I have not been fulfilled. I would like to do a talk show full of really fun, Christian women who get together to talk about life. I would really like to do that someday.”

Be sure to get your tickets to see Sandi Patty live at the Honeywell Center at 7:30 p.m. on Jan. 31. Tickets are $18, $28 and $50. Order online at or call (260) 563-1102.

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