Rehabilitation is Necessary for Successful Recovery from illness, broken bones

By Eunice Trotter
American Senior Communities

After a serious illness or injury, rehabilitation can make the difference in how fully and quickly one is able to resume normal life activities and return to home or work.

For Amy Druhot, age 84, the return to her normal life at home is coming soon. Druhot is near the end of rehabilitation at Coventry Meadows after recovering from a broken hip. She looks forward to returning to her home in Fort Wayne’s West Central neighborhood.

“I’m used to breaking bones,” said Druhot, who has recovered from breaks in her wrists, ribs and ankles. “But I’ve never had a broken hip,” she said.

Hip injuries can be the most dangerous to the health and recovery of seniors.

Rehabilitation programs are designed for those striving to restore abilities lost due to stroke, cardiovascular difficulties, orthopedic surgery and other debilitating conditions. Programs vary in frequency and intensity and include physical, occupational and speech/language therapies. The goal is to return participants home safely with the skills they need to continue life on their own terms.

Physical therapy focuses primarily on independent mobility, strength and balance; use of proper body mechanics; and energy-saving techniques. Occupational therapy helps participants improve activities of daily living such as bathing, eating, dressing and home management tasks by improving strength and coordination. The speech/language therapy program targets functional communication, cognitive skills and teaches safe swallowing techniques.

Exclusively at American Senior Communities, the Road to Recovery Program offers the opportunity for an interdisciplinary team, the patient and their family to meet within the first 72 hours after admission to map out their ‘Road to Recovery’ by identifying discharge goals. Before participants leave the Moving Forward program, Coventry Meadows and other American Senior Communities provide free in-home assessments to ensure a safe transition back home and to be sure there are no obstacles to continued success.

Before selecting a rehabilitation center, tour the facility and ask these questions: How soon after admission can therapy begin? Will rehabilitation be individualized? Will participants work with the same therapists?

American Senior Communities is proud to be the largest provider of Senior Rehabilitation and Memory Care in Indiana and offers ‘Moving Forward’ programs in communities across the state, including nine locations in the Fort Wayne area. To find a location near you, visit

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