“Red Derby Hat” Cover May 2014

About Gwen:

Gwen Gutwein Cover Artist the cover red derby hat glo May 2014Gwen Gutwein has been a practicing and successful artist since graduating from Indiana University in the early ‘80s. She has had the pleasure of multiple solo and group exhibits of her paintings in galleries and museums in Indiana and throughout the United States. Her paintings continue to achieve acknowledgements and awards. In 2004, Gwen started a painting project trademarked “Heritage Barns.” She is nearly completed in the process of selecting two historic barns from each of Indiana’s 92 counties. More exhibits from this series of paintings are being scheduled and will start a tour in May 2014. Gwen teaches private and semiprivate painting classes in her studio in Fort Wayne as well as workshops in other locations. She can be reached through her e-mail or website: gwen@gwengutwein.com and www.gwengutwein.com.

the cover red derby hat glo May 2014Gwen’s favorite glo feature: “glo magazine is expressively unique and fun at a glance. Beyond that, glo features great articles on helping others, education and an array of interesting information at my fingertips.”

the cover red derby hat glo May 2014

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