Recharge your health

Sometimes you don’t feel sick, but you don’t feel well, either.
Here are some simple steps you can take to recharge your health!

Professional Fitness Trainer Jarrel Cudjoe from Los Angeles has these tips to share: “Recharging your health can be as simple as getting the proper nutrition into your system. You should first start off by increasing your vegetable intake on a daily basis. The nutrients and vitamins in vegetables will help to reduce the risk of heart disease and fight off certain types of cancers.”

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! “Next you should make sure you drink plenty water throughout the day, at least a gallon a day if you’re an active person. Water will help to flush out your system and rid your body of toxins.”

Sleep on it!

“Another way to recharge your overall health would be to get more sleep throughout the night. A lot of people do not get an average of eight hours of sleep per night; lack of sleep can lower your immune system, which will in return cause you to be more vulnerable to catching a cold or flu. These are only a few ways in which we can recharge our health but if you follow these you’ll be well on your way to healthier lifestyle.

Don’t stress out! “Without even realizing it most individuals are draining their health on a daily basis. Stress is probably the number one cause for health related problems. Taking deep breaths in and slowly pushing them out will help to keep you calm and in return control your stress levels.”

In addition, watch the company you keep: “Also, surround yourself with positive happy people; they’re energy will help to provide you with the energy to stay in a good mental state of well being.”

Move it!

“Finally, try not to be a couch potato, get up and get active even if it’s for a brisk walk in the park. Working out will help to slow down the aging process and keep you feeling and looking young. Try these three examples out and hopefully it will help to turn your health around,” says Cudjoe.

Sometimes it’s not what you need to do, but what you need to stop doing. Hara Taicher, a Holistic lifestyle coach, practicing in New York City says to avoid these “health zappers:”

Avoid “negative people/situations.

They can literally drain the energy out of you.” Likewise avoid “Processed foods/food additives. They produce a toxic overload, that also can bring your energy level to a halt.” This includes “sugar, sugary foods, sodas…all create acidic overload, slowing the system down as it tries to protect itself, neutralize wastes, and carry on.” Lastly, “Quit worrying. It’s better to build constructive habits to deal with situations that create/cause worry/doubt.” Try meditation or exercise.

Lisa Bahar, licensed marriage and family therapist, explains further ways to recharge your health: “Find ways to calm down so you can think clearly. Taking a walk outside is a good way to clear the mind. Some tips include: Looking at priorities and letting some commitments go and being able to communicate and set boundaries. Balance out the wants and the should; if one is too busy pleasing and doing for others and is not taking time for self, then there is a chance emotional health could lead to more physical problems, in the form of fatigue, tiredness and overall irritability.”

She advocates a spiritual practice, something too many people ignore. “Connect with life sensory experiences, such as mindful walks or ways to self soothe by creating connection to the five senses.” Together, these just might help you to recharge your health.

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