Rebekah’s Favorite Things: June Edition

NASHVILLE, TNOne of my favorite things this month is Nashville, Tenn. Having never been there before, a recent trip there for a friend’s wedding was a welcome opportunity to explore this awesome city. I was awestruck: beautiful city; wonderfully friendly people; talented musicians galore, rich history, spicy chicken and waffles. What’s not to love? We’ll be back for sure. Only six hours from the Fort, I’d recommend it as a vacation spot this summer.  Sean Pavone /

poppy drops perfume stickI was gifted a Poppy Drops Perfume Stick in the Island Honey scent. Small and convenient enough to take with me anywhere, a huge bonus for me was the lack of ingredients: only coconut oil, beeswax and natural fragrances. Super safe for skin and it smells wonderful! It’s only $8.99, too, so it would make a great, inexpensive gift for you or a friend.

if I stayAfter reading the article in this month’s issue about books to movies to see this summer, I picked up a copy of If I Stay by Gayle Forman. It’s a fairly short, YA book that I devoured in two sittings. While it’s a easy read, the story is engrossing: after Mia is the only one in her family to survive a car accident, which leaves her in a coma, she must decide whether or not to go to Julliard, and more importantly whether to live or die. Reminiscent of “The Lovely Bones,” it would be a great beach read for you or your teen.


seasonal strawberriesDuring June, I experience my second favorite fruit season. After raspberries, my favorite fruit line-up heads to strawberries. Whether I buy cartons upon cartons of cheap, seasonal strawberries in the grocery store, or pick them myself at a farm, nothing beats chiffon cake topped with strawberries and real whipped cream. My favorite cake of all.

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