Rebekah’s Favorite Things: July Edition

Fahrenheit 451

fahrenheit 451 rebekah's favorite thingsFahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury has been sitting on my bookshelf for the last TEN years, and I finally picked it up and read it in two sittings. It’s brilliant and I have no idea why I waited this long to read it. It’s a short book with a lasting punch and I’d highly recommend spending a few hours reading this gem.

Dominex Eggplant Fries

dominex eggplant fries rebekah's favorite thingsTo complete a quick meal, I baked some Dominex eggplant fries recently. We dipped the crunchy Italian seasoned fries into marinara sauce. I was pleasantly surprised on how delicious these were! It was like I was eating a side of eggplant parmesan. Yum! Locally, it looks like this brand is available at the 3 Rivers Food Co-op.


airbuds rebekah's favorite thingsDoes anyone else go through earbuds as quickly as I do? I’ve ruined a pair by accidentally vacuuming them up. My cats have ruined another pair by chewing them up. And, I’ve had pairs that just wear out. My latest pairs are Airbuds. Made out of soft memory foam (like an earplug), they are super comfortable and don’t fall out easily as conventional earbuds. The sound quality is also amazing! Highly recommended if you’re looking for a new pair, too.

Red Raspberries

red raspberries rebekah's favorite thingsI’m so excited that raspberry season is finally upon us! Red raspberries are my favorite fruit and I’ve planned according. We have a huge patch of them in the backyard. For a party recently, I stuck a chocolate chip into each raspberry. Not only does it look appetizing, but the chocolate/raspberry combination is wonderful.

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