Rebeckah’s Favorite Things: November Edition

making-stridesLast month, some of the staff at glo participated in the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk. It was a simple thing to walk a 5K, but it was so special to walk with my awesome team members, Lynn Keefer and Betsy Didier, and chat about life for a while. I’m immensely thankful for these two ladies!

cool tools flat ironI know it’s horrible, but I straighten my hair nearly every day. Don’t judge! I used to use a super cheap flat iron, but recently switched to the new Hot Tools Cool Tools 1.25- inch Conditioning Vapor Flat Iron. It’s packed with Argan Vapor Treatment that strengthens and hydrates hair naturally with nutrients, and smoothes and seals the hair shaft for incredible shine and protection. It works so well. For retailers locally, visit

pepper-sprayI just moved to a larger town where I walk to friends’ houses and downtown businesses a lot. For my own piece of mind, I decided carrying a weapon may be a wise choice. I chose Protectme Pepper Spray, which when sprayed irritates the eyes and respiratory passage, causing pain and rendering the attacker immobilized, giving the in-tended victim crucial time to escape. It is small, lightweight, and fits easily on my key chain.

cute-office-suppliesNo woman’s desk would be complete without some cute office supplies. I’m digging my new Kate Spade paper-clips, shaped like little bowties. Who says paperclips have to be boring? I got them from The Well Dressed Home. (, an affordable home and office accessories store.

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