Ready to be fab and festive this season?

By Nancy Nokaya of Essentials and Frosting, Fort Wayne

essentials and frosting fashion focusAhhh, that perennial question… What do I get her for the holidays? Do you have that person on your list who is a fashionista? Or, maybe the opposite, you have someone who you love most dearly but you would like to nominate them for “What Not To Wear?”

Well, here are a few creative and festive ideas to win big smiles on the big day!

I am thinking a twofold approach. A gift should be something memorable. A splurge that the recipient may not buy for themselves. But, at the same time, pragmatism should not be left wanting. Strike out of the ordinary and try these tips!

1. The Christmas sweater: No, I am not talking about the kind you wear to the “Ugly Sweater” party. A gift of chic clothing is much loved by that fashionista and much needed by the fashion deprived. But, don’t stop there! Take it over the top with adding that unique accessory to go with it. Or, add the sweater comb or cashmere wash for loving maintenance. She will love it and probably wouldn’t have thought of it on her own.

2. Have a sporty girl on your list? Exercising in style is a must! Her heart rate will go up quickly with some new performance apparel. Fort Wayne does have a few fabulous independent companies that could help you put together an awesome outfit.

3. Do you have a lady who travels a lot? Help her stay polished on the road! How about a travel beauty and medic kit. A couple of sassy palettes for makeup, add some fashion mishap necessities like two-sided tape, safety pins, thread, etc. all wrapped up in a cute bag!

4. Stretch her and pamper her with a new experience. A head to toe custom makeover! Perfect for the loved one who isn’t sure how to put it all together. Or, for someone needing a lifestyle boost.

5. Jewelry is always a welcome gift. Show her that she is one of a kind to you with your choice. Step outside that mall! Find a piece with real personality. There are some stunning handmade options out there as well.

6. So, (gentlemen are you listening) still thinking of going the gift card route? Ladies surely will be pleased with a go-shopping card from their favorite store but, I challenge you to go for a little extra! A little fun something-something in a goodie bag attached will show her you put in the effort.

For more ideas, inspirational pictures and links to some independent businesses offering the under the radar, but oh sooo chic gift finds please visit the blog, “The Essentials Point of View” at

We all know the true meaning of the holidays is LOVE. The gifts are just a physical expression. May your holidays be filled with much love, laughter, family, friends and faith. Go forth and enjoy knowing you have the cheeriest gifts in the bag as well.

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