Re-New Your Resolution(s)

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The New Year is the best time for resolutions… sometimes we keep them and sometimes we don’t! Did your resolutions include updating and re-decorating some rooms in your home? If you haven’t started yet and aren’t sure where to begin, here are some do’s and don’ts.

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Do list the activities you want to have in this room such as watching TV, reading, sleeping, eating, etc. How many people should the room accommodate?

Don’t go shopping before planning.

Do decide what furniture, lighting and accessories will stay.

Don’t leave home before measuring your room and marking placement of doors, windows and existing furniture. Be sure to take into account traffic paths and allow a minimum walkway of 36” for safety.

Do select your color scheme. It will be most successful if you use an inspiration piece with which to start. It is also easiest to use current hues as more products will be available to you.

Don’t choose your paint color without knowing your inspiration item. It might be a piece of art, an area rug, an accessory, a pillow.

Do pick your paint color in the light of your room and view it at various times of the day.

Don’t finalize your paint color with the teeny swatch from the paint store. Order a large sample; it will cost much less than re-painting. Color makes the biggest impact so this is a crucial decision.

Do establish your budget. If you list all the products that you will need, estimate a price for each item and total it. Remember that price always matches quality and decide your priorities. Because of the heavy use that sofas and chairs receive, I usually recommend that upholstered pieces be the best you can afford.

Don’t purchase home products without knowing that the size is appropriate for your room. A showroom can make things look larger or smaller than they actually are. Make sure you can get them into the room!

Do make sure that your home reflects your tastes, your likes and your interests.

Do call a professional decorator if all of this seems overwhelming and you just don’t have the time to devote to creating the home of your dreams. The most costly furnishings that you will ever buy are the ones that prove to be mistakes. We can save you time and money and frustration as we have the talent, experience and specialized knowledge to help you pull it all together.


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