Q&A With Gail Ward and Esther Edwards GLO on the GO Sisters

Gail Ward and Esther Edwards

Photo by Sue Rawlinson

What’s it like working side-by-side with your sister? For Gail Ward, owner of GLO on the GO & L Spa Modern in Fort Wayne, working with her sister, Esther Edwards, is a daily inspiration. The pair mutually mentor each other, bring different insights to the table and learn from each other each day, they say. “My sister, Gail, is an inspiration to me,” says Esther, a technician and the marketing director at GLO on the GO. “She makes the impossible feel possible. She never accepts ‘no’ as an answer. I admire that in her.”

Q1 : What made you go into business together at GLO on the GO & L Spa Modern?

Esther: “For me, it was the fact our family is prone to skin cancer. It was an eye-opener. It made me not only consider a safer way to get a beautiful-looking tan, but also make even more significant changes in regards to my health. I was becoming aware of early-aging problems associated with not taking good care of your body inside and out, and I wanted to become a more preventative person in this regard.”

Gail: “I love to be tan! I am naturally ghostly white and skin cancer runs on both sides of my family. Achieving a tan via sun or tanning beds is not worth the risk. (GLO on the GO specializes in sunless spray tanning and it is the only exclusively sunless salon in the area.) When my sister introduced me to my first airbrush spray tan, I knew I wanted to help others experience that confidence boost, too. We preach about being safe in the sun and avoiding the use of tanning beds. It is a fact that over the past three decades, more people have had skin cancer than all other cancers combined.”

Q2: What are some fond memories you both have about growing up?

Gail: “We grew up in Kendallville. I loved growing up with my family. We traveled a lot and my dad is not one to go to the same place more than once. But my favorite memory is getting off the school bus and smelling my dad’s homemade bread fresh out of the oven. The scent would waft out of the door to greet me coming down the driveway. Dad would always make me my own little loaf. I had it smothered in butter and finished before I even had my backpack off.”

Esther: “Oh yes! Gail and I feel very much the same about our family while growing up, especially coming home to the fresh-made loaves of bread. My parents loved to entertain and travel. We were very blessed to have such close friends and extended family while growing up in such a small town. We were taught to be very gracious and loving to all we meet and we carry that philosophy into this business by treating each customer with the same respect and loving attention.”

Q3: Have you gone through any life changing experiences that have made you into the person you are today?

Gail: “I honestly don’t know where I would be today if I hadn’t experienced giving birth to my children at home with a midwife. I learned to trust in myself and listen to my body. It was empowering beyond words! Yes, it was painful, but it had a purpose. There’s not much that will stop me now, because not much can compare to that mentally, physically and emotionally challenging experience. I bring this mindset to work with me every single day.”

Q4: What are some ways you are involved in the community?

Esther: “I have a passion for helping people, so I am constantly looking for ways to serve those in arm’s reach who need some assistance. Most recently, as a business, we have donated time and services in a effort to raise money for local charities. We do this consistently throughout the year. We put the most time and money into raising funds for Skincancer.org. Each May, for Skin Cancer Awareness Month, we make an even greater effort towards this. (This coming May, GLO on the GO will be hosting a large event to raise money for skincancer.org. They are looking forward to working with area doctors and other skin care specialists for this event.)

Q5: What can you both be found doing in your spare time?

Esther: “Spending time with my two daughters, Morgan, 19, and Lillian, 14. I have a love of baking and entertaining. I’m always looking to find more creative ways to do both. I love to travel, be outdoors and try new things. On my bucket list are things like traveling throughout France and Italy, learning to tap dance, learning how to weld… the list is pretty long.”

Gail: “Repurposing anything I can get my hands on! I love thinking outside the box and creating new things. I get my hubby of 12 years and two children involved in projects, too. I wouldn’t consider myself a decorator by any means, but I love to imagine I am. My nieces and nephews lovingly nicknamed me Aunt Macgyver.”

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