Pampering Your Pets with Luxury

Life has never been better for the luxe pet.

Fort Wayne is keeping up with trendy offerings for pets through shops like Petshion Boutique, 4150 W Jefferson Blvd. Petshion makes all-natural treats for every day and for special occasions, like your little furry guy’s birthday. An array of organic pet food and grooming products are sold, and they offer grooming services as well. And what is a boutique without fashion? An array of miniature outfits await for your dog or cat. Petshion advocates healthy, happy and fashionable pets.


pet bedSome owners like to go beyond happy and healthy—let’s look at some luxury! For the feline in your life, explore bedding options like the “Catit Design Senses Comfort Zone Cat Bed.” We found this for $14.28. What’s unique about it? This elevated bed with cooling therapeutic cushion (for arthritic cats) also has a multi-purpose massager for scratching an itch, cleaning teeth, chewing and stimulating gums And for the canine princess? Check out the DLIP Jeweled Crown Canopy Dog Pet Bed. We found this for $190—it’s canine comfort complete with lavish canopy pet bed with crown on top.

Playful Curiosity

With all of that beauty sleep, a luxe pet needs entertainment! If looking for unique toys to stimulate your kitten’s curiosity or your pup’s imagination, consider purchasing a game or puzzle. The PetSafe Pounce Interactive Cat Toy ($27.95) is an automatic game of hide-and-seek featuring a mouse that zips along a circular path. It goes in reverse, twitches and constantly keeps a cat on her toes. For canines, Nina Ottosson manufactures a Dog Brick Interactive Dog Game Toy ($25). Treats can be hidden inside this compartmentalized puzzle to tempt those sharp noses into unlocking the hidden prizes.

Even the favorite game of ‘fetch’ has a new look. The iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher for Dogs has three distance settings for indoor and outdoor games and comes with three tennis balls. Your pooch will get tired – not you. And whenever he’s thirsty, he can get a drink from the Drinkwell 360 Fountain for Pets ($37.07): a fountain that is constantly running to keep the water fresh.

For Hamsters, Rabbits + Birds

Don’t forget the rare breeds of luxe pets. For the adored hamsters, there are accessories such as the Super Pet Dazzle Hamster Exercise Carriage ($15.49), which can be stationary or mobile and looks like Cinderella’s carriage. It comes in four glittery color options. Rabbits don’t need much, but the Marshall Pet Products Peter Woven Grass Hide A Way Hut ($6.99) at least looks snug. It offers interactive chewing and is dye-, color-, preservative-and-pesticide-free. And for birds there are items such as the Caitec 737 Foraging Ball. It twists apart to be filled with treats, fruits, nuts or veggies. Birds can get at the insides of this 3-inch clear ball through small openings, making it both entertaining and nutritious.

After playing hard with all of these gadgets, a luxe pet needs a spa day! Green DogGoods, 3421 N. Anthony Blvd., offers Holistic Supplies, Training & Grooming. No joke—they will train your dog and make her smell pretty. Their certified dog trainers give small group lessons and private lessons that focus on improving communication and understanding between dogs and their owners. The foods they sell are made in the USA or Canada and are consciously researched. The salon serves only one dog at a time to ensure a low stress experience, complete with house-made shampoo, conditioner and skin treatments.

Pamper that much-deserving luxe pet!

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