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While visiting Nashville, Tenn. for the first time during a recent trip, we stopped at the infamous Acropolis replica. While not quite impressive as the real deal in Greece, it’s neat to see the ancient temple intact as it may have looked many, many years ago.

Ahh, June. While I write this, it’s mid-May and northern Indiana is FINALLY getting warm. Wait, let me retract that. Last week, it was freezing and this week, it’s mid-80s and humid. Goodbye, spring. I knew ye for only a few minutes!

This June, my schedule happens to be packed. When I’m not busy as bee writing and editing this magazine, I’ll be visiting my folks in New Jersey for a bit. My siblings and I plan to help Dad paint the master bedroom from top to bottom (which hasn’t been done in at least a decade, maybe two) and also take a rafting trip down the Delaware River. It’ll be a great Father’s Day week — a holiday I haven’t spend with my father for at least six years!

I’ll also be celebrating with my niece who graduates high school in early June (thanks, snow days!). As a graduation gift, I plan to pick up some records for her new record player. Yes, record player. I have one, and thought it was because I was hip, but apparently what’s old is new again and I’m not that hip after all. C’est la vie.

In this month’s glo, there is a ton of great reading on not only the obvious (Father’s Day, summer living, etc.), but also on some wonderful people who make our community great. Check out the zoo article for starters.

Have a lovely month. Happy June!

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