P.S. from the Editor

“August! Summer’s winding down. Early this month, I get back from a vacation in Europe! And a week after we get back, my teacher husband goes back to school. Talk about a whirlwind of a summer! As I write this editor’s note, I’m getting ready to leave for said vacation… my to do list is unfortunately not complete quite yet. But, when I finish this note, I do get to check one more item off the list! Here’s to hoping my garden doesn’t get too wild while I’m gone (the only bad thing about going traveling, in my opinion).

P.S. from the editor

My husband and I moved into a new to us, but 100+ year-old-house, last month. The house is in great shape (with an obviously updated, big kitchen), but I am excited to paint, rip out some linoleum floors, replace a few fixtures, hang up a porch swing and make it my own. (And to answer some of you: yes, that is a TARDIS on my T-shirt. Yay for Dr. Who nerds!)

This month, the staff at glo is uber excited for our premier event at Two EE’s Winery: Wine, Women & Wellness on Aug. 7. If you’ve not been there, the winery is gorgeous, the wine is delicious (and award winning) and this event would be a great time to visit. There will be wine, food, music, exhibits to peruse, door prizes and more. What’s not to love? And the best thing? It’s free! See the article inside this month’s issue for more information. Each month’s issue of glo gets better and better. This month, my favorite articles include one on what to do if your son wants to dance ballet and one on tips for eating for two on $30 a week (good timing for me, after all this traveling!).

I hope you all have a lovely month and that I’ll see each and every one of you at Wine, Women & Wellness on Aug. 7. Happy August!

Rebekah Whirledge

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