P.S. from the editor

ps from the editor

Happy Thanksgiving from me and my faithful pony!

November is a great month to reflect on being thankful for the little things and the big things in life. In this month’s issue, we interview a handful of notable local women on what they are thankful for. On Facebook, I see many of my friends participating in the “30 Days of Thankful.” It’s a November tradition that’s been ingrained in us since kindergarten, when we wrote the top-5 things we were thankful for on each finger of our colorful paper turkey hands.

I can’t even imagine creating a complete list of what I’m most thankful. It would include the obvious: friends, family, health, home and career, but also the not so obvious: black coffee in my favorite mug; laughing until it hurts; fleece-lined slippers; pink and orange Fall sunsets; those earthy, delicious summer tomatoes; driving along a county road with a great song turned up loud.

I’m also thankful that this month’s issue of glo has a ton to offer to readers. I feel like a broken record, but each issue gets better and better. Thank you to our writers, advertisers, staff and readers who make each of these issues possible. Share this issue with a friend and support those businesses that make glo possible each and every month.

Happy November!

Rebekah Whirledge

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