Outside of the Shoebox Romance for the Modern Woman

Love is in the air and the modern woman can smell it.

Go ahead, take a big whiff. You know what that is? That’s the smell of freedom
to exercise your whims. It smells like fresh leather and has a metallic tang
from all the buckles and straps. It’s sexy and exciting and sometimes
you can even buy it at a discount.

That’s right. Today’s woman isn’t bound by the traditional roles our mothers and their mothers had to follow when pursuing the object of their desire. Who cares what the neighbors think? No one is going to judge you because, if they’re being honest with themselves, they are all looking for the same kind of excitement, the same wow.

Are you in a committed, comfortable relationship with a sturdy sort? Bored of the humdrum of everyday, even though you love the reliability?

Or did you commit to a flashy number—studs—that thrill you but leave you tottering without support?

Maybe you’ve been drooling over someone else’s catch?

It’s okay! You don’t have to settle for the thing you’ve been walking around with for the last four winters. It doesn’t matter if you invested a lot in that relationship or if it seemed like a classic match that would stand the test of time and outlast all of your previous encounters. You’re not stuck with something that doesn’t give you butterflies. You deserve head-over-heels love this winter.

Today the modern woman has choices. You can find love locally, the kind that only happens in those quirky, one-of-a-kind hometown venues. Or you can hit a national chain that offers you plenty of chances to fall in love with exactly the same thing your best friend back home showed you a picture of on Facebook. Maybe you’ll like slipping on someone’s hand-me-down at a hip new city hangout. You can even ask a friend where she found “the one” and try it for yourself.

Married? Invite your husband to tag along, this is 2015 and anything goes! Maybe he’ll find a something that excites him, too. Imagine how you’ll both feel if you step out in something adventurous. Maybe it’s exactly what you need to spice up your dull same-old.

If you’re single, invite a friend along. You might find yourselves swapping with each other, a little sweaty from the effort, but it will be worth it! You’re out for gratification, baby. Nothing should stop you from getting what you need.

Fancy something tall and well-oiled? Want that cushy number that promises warmth to take you through February, March, even April’s unpredictable ups and downs? How about an exotic pair from Italy, complete with shiny accessories and a devil-may-care attitude?

You can even find it online. Everyone’s doing it.

And if you decide you’ve chosen poorly, if a night out on the town leaves you feeling blistered, bruised, abused—kick them off! You can just return them right where you found them. You didn’t do all that searching, all that seeking for your heart’s desire just to have it leave you feeling unsatisfied, even hurt.

After all, they’re only boots, and you’re allowed to fall in love with a new pair over and over again. Buying yourself a new pair of slick boots sure beats trying to find a date or a dinner reservation for Valentine’s.

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