Outrageous Weddings

Every bride wants her big day to be unforgettable, but just how far will she go in order to stand out? Pretty far according to event planners, wedding coordinators and vendors who say they have heard it all when it comes to unique wedding trends.

“Everyone is looking to do something different that none of their friends have done,” said Christina Leto, owner of and officiant at Marry Me in Fort Wayne.

Although her clients are generally traditional, there have been those who embrace an off-thebeaten-path approach. These clients include those who have infused their weddings with a little whimsy—such as the couple who had a Star Wars theme for their May 4 wedding, another who had Halloween costumes for their fall nuptials, and of course the pair who dressed in Michigan colors for their event.

“It doesn’t happen often but I have even gotten calls from couples who want to know if I can perform an underwater wedding,” she said.

Some couples will go to great lengths (and depths) to have the wedding of their dreams, whether it is locally or at a destination resort such as the KISS Hotter than Hell Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas (across from the Hard Rock Hotel). Others opt for a Disney dream wedding including transportation to the venue in

Cinderella’s coach. Still others prefer nuptials in Mammoth Cave, or they tie the knot on the recreated Grand Staircase of the RMS Titanic at the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge, TN (it’s a lot cheaper than spending $36,000 to take a submersible down to get married on the deck of the real thing like David Leibowitz and Kimberley Miller in 2001!).

“What we are seeing are couples who want to be able to have their ceremony and reception in the same place,” said Jodi Garretson of A New Chapter Weddings. “Many of today’s couples are paying for their weddings themselves and they are willing to forego the traditional ceremony location for a great party… so they are spending more to find a great venue where they can have the wedding and reception, and splurge on food and other elements that matter to them.”

Of course one thing that matters to most brides is the dress, or should we say dresses? Although this trend has yet to catch on here in the Midwest like it has on the coasts, brides are looking into the option of purchasing a traditional dress for the ceremony, a shorter, danceable gown for the reception and some even find a third option for an after-party (another wedding trend that is beginning to catch on.)

“We have a lot of brides talk about the second dress, but not a lot of them do it,” Garretson said. “It’s a budgetary thing. Although they would like to wear something that is comfortable and easy to move in for the reception, if they have a budget of $2,500 for the dress, do they want to get one really nice dress or two so-so dresses?”

Leto says thanks to Pinterest, which is full of wedding suggestions and DIY tips from all over the world, there is no end to the outrageous, unique, expensive and over-the-top ideas she may find.

“Even the most outlandish things can happen if you really want it to,” she said. “But sometimes the best events are the ones that celebrate the new life you are committing to rather than the big production.”

Hot wedding trends for 2015

  • Drone-style aerial photography
  • Unexpected venues, i.e. castles, museums and mansions as opposed to the traditional church or country club
  • A second or third dress
  • Country weddings
  • Confetti bar
  • Ice cream sundaes instead of cake

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