Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living: We’ve all heard that being outdoors provides us with more than a happy disposition – exposure to sunlight also aids our bodies in producing vitamin D. With temperatures (finally) nice enough to venture outside, here are some ways to encourage yourself to stay there!

  1. Put up a hammock. Whether you suspend one between two trees or buy one with a stand, putting up a hammock will not only encourage you to spend more time outdoors, it will also lure you into napping or reading, two things you’ve been meaning to do more of, right? If space is an issue, hang a swing instead.
  2. Buy a grill. You’ll spend time in the sunshine and make delicious food. And it’s a great way to sneak in family time. Maybe it’s the irresistible aromas, but did you ever notice how people can’t help but congregate around a grill?
  3. Plant something. Anything. Whether flowers or vegetables, plant something that makes you want to be outdoors caring for it – and gazing at it.
  4. Combine exercise and socialization with the great outdoors. Start a no-pressure walking group: designate a time and place that those who can will meet for a daily/weekly walk. Before work, lunchtime, or evening would all be good times.
  5. Create an evening ritual. If you play a musical instrument, take it out on your stoop. Or serve dessert on the patio. After the winter we’ve had, don’t miss any opportunity to get outside. Just be sure to wear sunscreen.

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