OCTOBER: Corn Maze + Hayride

corn mazeShouldn’t date night be a routine for us all? Of course it should. So grab your man and enjoy this month’s plan….

OCTOBER Date Night: Corn Maze + Hayride

October cannot pass by without a corn maze and hayride with your favorite guy! Our area’s corn mazes are available in daytime adventures, nighttime and even haunted options—should you be so brave! (And if not, your guy is there to protect you, right? Or is it the other way around…) And a hayride? Well that just good ‘ole wholesome simple Indiana fun.

Dress the Part

You’re an Indiana girl. You’re going to a cornfield. Wear a cute flannel (sleeves rolled up, of course!) with shorts or cropped jeans to dress like the all-American Hoosier sweetheart you are. He’ll agree.

Cute Comfort

You’ll want some comfy tennis shoes to match your outfit… and they’ll keep pokey stalks from jabbing your toes. If you’re on a haunted trail? You might want the traction to run!


Less is more on this date. Leave the purse behind. You’ll want both hands as you maneuver about the corn mazes, hayride and pumpkin fields. And on a date with your guy, it’s always good to have a free hand. (No matter how long you’ve been together, you still love to hold his hand, don’t you?)

Waterproof It

Start your day with long-wearing mascara and lipstick. It’ll be a lengthy adventure, it might be warm, you’ll be on the move—and you’ll not have a purse. Touch-ups are not an option on this date, so go easy with your application. He’ll love the natural look anyways…

Pick a Pumpkin with Your Pumpkin

Park as nearby as you can… so after you both pick perfectly plump pumpkins you won’t need to lug the orange prizes too far.

Phone for Limited Use Only

Phones don’t belong on dates. But cameras do! Fall colors are as unique as are the expanses of cornfields in our region. Bring one phone between you to snap some pics… this day might just become your new background or profile picture!

The Cider is Hot, Too

The temperatures are beginning to drop. And no drink screams Halloween ritual and fun like hot cider made with homegrown Indiana apples. Isn’t it great to be a Hoosier?


You finished your hayride. The sun has set. Ready for a nighttime corn maze? If so, bring your flashlight to light the way (and shut off if you so desire beneath the full moon).

Blanketed with Stars

Head home. Finish your date with a blanket on the yard. Stretch on your backs and stare at the autumn Indiana sky. You might just see a shooting star—and then make a wish. He’ll never know.

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