November Date Night

Shouldn’t date night be a routine for us all? Of course it should. So grab your man and enjoy this month’s plan…

NOVEMBER: Horseback Riding + Hot Chocolate

horseback ridingWhat better time to prance about Indiana pathways than in the beautiful, seasonably cool month of November. Holiday busyness will soon be upon us, so why not take an afternoon and evening for a date of the unusual kind. Hop on a horse, ride along trails, look at beautiful nature—then relax by a fire with hot chocolate in-hand. You’ll be ready for winter and you’ll have kicked off the season (and hopefully not kicked off your horse!) in a memorable way.

Must Have’s

Boots are Make for Riding

Wear close-toed boots! Country Fest wasn’t that long ago, so yank out your cowgirl boots, Hoosier ladies, and ready yourself for a great ride. Plus, girls look cute in boots. You know it’s true.

Feminine in Flannels

It’s a little bit o’ country. A little bit fun. A little bit of warmth. And you can roll up the sleeves if you get warm.

Cover with Denim

Layer up a bit, ladies. Throw a denim vest over your flannel for a layered look that’s put-together and functional.

It’s In The Bag Bring along a bag for your day’s necessities. While it won’t join you and your beau on the ride, it’ll be a life-saver, nonetheless. Pack it with…

Wipe It Up

Horses are beautiful. The scenery breathtaking. Watching your honey atop his horse can be anything from sexy to hilarious. But your hands? They’ll be needing some antibacterial assistance once the ride is through. And if you’re in the woods? No sinks nearby. Show your preparedness with a scented bottle of sanitizer.

Pumpkin Muffins

OK. I know men claim they don’t like pumpkin muffins or pumpkin spice lattes. Yeah, right! Buy some seasonally delicious pumpkin muffins before the date, pack them in your bag—and once you’ve both dismounted rejuvenate yourselves with seasonal sweetness while sitting on a…

Warm Blanket

Pack it in your bag. Lay out on the fallen leaves, breathe in autumn’s beauty and be ready to greet the winter ahead while laughing over the inevitable mishaps of a cool, crisp horse ride. Then head home to sit in front of …

Blazing Flames

This date would not be complete without a romantic fire. Cozy on the couch, discuss the day, make plans for the winter—all the while sipping on homemade…

Hot Chocolate

Need we say more?

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