Nine-years-old. And dressed like a strawberry

sue rawlinson“Nine-years-old. And dressed like a strawberry. The class bully poked fun at my Halloween costume. He laughed in front of friends saying I looked like a rotten tomato. That my costume was stupid.

I didn’t like tomatoes. I didn’t like bullies. And I really didn’t like bullies who insulted the creative costume Mom made.

Said bully soon found himself in a scuffle with the littlest girl in the class. One surprised bully. And one feisty little strawberry. Awesome.

Who won? Well, no one really wins in any scuffle. But for a bully to be blindsided by a little Sue-berry? Oh, yes, his hurt pride was win enough for me. And he didn’t tease me ever again. I stood up for myself.

I stood up for my mom. And that tasted sweeter than any summer strawberry.

I felt empowered. Like I had more within me than I realized. It’s a moment I remember even today when I feel doubtful. When I wonder if I really will accomplish my goals. When I question my own talents, decisions, areas of focus and habits. Don’t we all question ourselves at times?

But friends, doubting ourselves is not always a bad thing. In fact, I think it’s a healthy practice on occasion. It forces inward looking. Introspection. And what this leads to? Enhancement. Strengthening of character. Solidification of goals. Progress. And one could even say it promotes a healthier attitude. As this issue’s featured breast cancer survivor attests to, a positive attitude provides incredible strength in any life situation.

And that’s what this October issue is all about. It’s about looking inward. Really looking. It’s determining if procrastination is inhibiting growth, and if so, what to do about it. It’s about analyzing our habits to determine if they are healthy for our bodies. It’s learning the facts and risk factors for breast cancer—so we may empower ourselves toward healthier pathways.

This issue educates on recognizing domestic abuse and knowing what to do about it. It’s even about the health of our most personal relationships with our spouses and partners. Does your relationship need some rekindling? We have information to help. It’s about taking control of and organizing your life, not just your closets.

So let’s strengthen who we are. Let’s be empowered and healthier than ever before. Let’s celebrate victories and recovery, let’s lean on one another for strength and accept accountability to look at what only we can change within ourselves.

We can do this, ladies. And no scuffles with bullies required. ”

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