National Wear Red Day is Feb. 6

February – the beloved month of hearts and flowers – is appropriately attired in red, not only for Valentine’s Day but also for National Wear Red Day, which is commemorated the first Friday of the month by the American Heart Association ( This year, it’s on Feb. 6, 2015.

According to Ryan Johnson, communications director for the northern Indiana area, the event is to highlight the AHA’s key message.

“We want the women of Fort Wayne to understand that heart disease is the number one killer of women, killing one in three year-round,” said Johnson, who operates out of the Chicago AHA office.

“This is our day to spread awareness and involve the women in the community to band together and bring attention to heart disease and stroke. Wear Red Day brings women of all ethnicities and ages together and sends a clear message that heart disease can happen to anyone.”

Also, men, too, should absolutely wear red, as the day is a symbolic one with everyone united in that singular color.

Women who wish to take an active part in the affair can click on “Tools and Resources” at the website, and check out the free materials that can be printed out on their home or office printers.

Encourage friends and family to wear red that special Friday and to take the Go Red challenge which includes making lifestyle changes to promote heart health. Such changes may include weight loss, quitting smoking, eating healthier, exercising more and continuing to educate others on the topic. Donating money or volunteer time to the AHA is also an effective way to promote more research in heart disease.

“Our hope is for people to ask, ‘Why are you wearing red today?’ and we want those who are wearing that color to be able to say, ‘We are joining a fight against heart disease, which is the number one killer of women.’

“On Feb. 6, you will see people of the media wearing red, including the Fort Wayne media and also hosts on the Today Show and Good Morning, America — all of whom will be talking about heart disease.”

So, come on, ladies (and guys), let’s paint the town red on Feb. 6, and contribute to eradicating the disease that steals so many loved ones from us.

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