National Girlfriends Day

National Girlfriends Day or Girlfriends Day is an annual event celebrated on Aug. 1 to celebrate those special gal pals who
make our lives fun and enjoyable. What would we do without these amazing women (and yes, they can be related to us) who are by our sides to cheer us on and know exactly the right words to say when we’re down?

Ways to Celebrate

Honoring your favorite girls can mean a quiet latte at a favorite café, flowers or an edible arrangement made with fresh fruit and dabs of decadent chocolate. Simply whipping up her favorite dessert would also be appreciated because favorite foods are associated with happy memories. If you’re planning a group girlfriend event, have everyone bring their favorite dessert and share why they love it. Provide some yummy drinks and you’re good to go.

Other ideas include hosting your own wine-tasting party or heading off to one of our region’s many wonderful wineries. Have the entire day to goof-off? Load up the girls and drive the Northeast Indiana Wine Tour for food, wine and gorgeous scenery.

Girlfriends are never too old for a slumber party! Have everyone bring their favorite movie and favorite snack and line up on the couch for a night of laughs and binge-watching.

Shopping is always better with the girls but instead of the same mall stores, how about shopping Fort Wayne’s lively downtown specialty shops or going small-town-chic in Roanoke, Wabash, Berne or Auburn? Our area is fortunate to have many unique shopping, dining, art and antiques experiences.

Reach Out

Lastly, let’s not forget those friends we no longer see on a regular basis. Give them a call or shoot them an email to catch up. Friends enrich our lives in many ways and there’s nothing better than having cherished girlfriends to giggle with. They’ve been there during your happiest moments and propped you up during your darkest hours. This Aug. 1 on National Girlfriends Day let them all know how much they matter.

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