Move over Tarzan’s Jane.

“Move over Tarzan’s Jane. Here comes Tarzan Suzanne.

Swinging from vines through a lush jungle. Gossiping with gorillas. And, of course, frolicking about with a scantily-clad muscular jungle man. That was my passion and plan. Granted, I was only 10. But it’s what I wanted.

Until I fell in love with writing.

Hey, we all have passions. I believe we’re born with an affection for something… for an environment… for some detail in life that ignites the spirit like nothing else. Once we discover our passion, a brighter, more fulfilled world can appear.

I witnessed such passions alive while visiting with this issue’s “She glo(w)s” Lori Gagen (Black Pine) and “He glo(w)s” Dr. Joe Smith (Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo). The passion fueling both professionals is animals; it’s helping; it’s educating society on these creatures and their habitats. Yet I also witnessed similar loyalty and passion reciprocated from the animals.

At Black Pine, exotic animals approached us because Lori was present. They know her. They associate goodness in the sight of her. When Dr. Smith and I watched the orangutans (he is a national expert on the species, by the way!), the orangutan family pressed their hands and faces on the window to connect with Dr. Smith. They know and love him. How cool is that?!*

There’s an undeniable energy that occurs when passions are fulfilled. It’s genuine. It’s real. And that’s powerful stuff.

August is a great month to explore your inner passion. In this issue we explore your inner passion. In this issue we share why we need mental health breaks and how to go back to college should you be so inclined. Education is among the first stepping stones along the pathway to fulfilling your passions, so why not explore the possibilities? It’s never too late to learn. Check out this issue for both direction and inspiration.

So what’s your passion? Whether it’s animals, writing, art, rocket science or weird ‘n wacky waterbugs, chase it. Learn about it. Go for it.

And for the record, should anyone discover classes on jungle vine swinging? I am so there.

Make yourself a smoothie and enjoy this August issue. Made just for you. ”

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