“Mistletoe Girl” by Bonnie Manning

Bonnie ManningAbout Bonnie: Bonnie Tobey Manning graduated from the University of Saint Francis with a degree in elementary education and art. She is a freelance photographer in Fort Wayne and uses inspiration from her photography to create watercolor images. Bonnie finds great inspiration also from the stories of the wonderful woman in glomagazine! Check out Bonnie’s work at www.printroom.com/pro/btmanning.

What Bonnie enjoys most about glo: “The first thing that I love about glois the cover, of course! It is so interesting to see how each artist uses that space. Some artists I know personally and some I am meeting for the first time through glomagazine. Each issue highlights people in our area who live well-rounded lives. I never tire of hearing what motivates them and the energy is always so positive. Even during times of struggle the human spirit finds a way to carry on.”

The Cover – Mistletoe Girl

mistletoe girl cover art

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