Mike Packnett – CEO Parkview

Mike Packnett Parkview CEO

Photo by Leaha Meinika

Fathers can be some of the most admirable, inspiring and influential forces in their children’s lives. For Parkview CEO Mike Packnett, that is not only true of his own father but also of the amazing job he does himself as a father to his two daughters.

“I watched my parents pour their lives into kids who didn’t have much going right in their lives,” Packnett said. “That servant attitude really helped shape many of my thoughts about being a servant leader.”

Although he leads as CEO of Parkview Hospital, Packnett is still a down-to-Earth guy who smiles when he sees people doing work they love. “I’m inspired by people who have great passion for what they do,” he explained. “And, it doesn’t matter what job or title they may have.”

Business aside, Packnett emphasizes there are different measures of success. “I think success is so hard to define,” he said. “It has so many facets— success at work, home, school, etc… Making a difference is such a big part of being a success.”

Packnett is a dedicated husband to his wife of 37 years, Donna, and father to their two daughters, Kristin and Kelli. The girls moved back to Fort Wayne about three years ago when Donna was diagnosed with breast cancer. “We’ve been blessed to have a great relationship with both our girls throughout their lives,” Packnett said.

He and Donna joke about how long it took to realize how much he and daughter Kristin have in common. “It probably wasn’t until she was in high school that we figured it out,” he said. “We would butt heads occasionally, but I would chalk it up to us being so different, not that we were so alike. Both of us wanted control—hard to imagine!”

Today, it’s clear he is a proud father. “I’m so proud of Kristin’s entrepreneurial spirit—maybe this control thing will help ensure Opal & Ruby’s success,” he laughed. “It’s been great to watch her work through all the aspects of being a small business owner.”

For Packnett, the best part of being Dad is watching his daughters thrive. “I think it’s been great to see both girls become such good people.”

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