Mike Conley – Musician

Mike-ConleyMost know him as musician Mike Conley. Others share he’s a charitable guy. And yet those who know him best? They’ll say you’re looking at a man molded by his momma.

“My mother is a true survivor… she basically raised my sister and me by herself,” Conley said. “Her strength has given me strength.”

For his day job, Conley, his mother and sister work together at BIB Group, a company started by his mother. Conley also serves as owner and president of Sowles Bay Storage and Sowles Bay Yacht Club.

Despite the day jobs, Conley considers charitable giving a life necessity. “We are only on this planet for a very short time,” he said, “I’d like to make a positive difference.”

And that he has. Whether raising funds for the National Kidney Foundation, reading to children through BBBS’s Real Men Read Program, visiting youth at Allen County Juvenile Center or donating time to Girl Power to Cure, Conley’s a busy guy.

Still, each week there’s time for music. Conley performs as a solo acoustic act, a duo with cellist Jane Heald and in his ‘Rat-Pack’ era as jazz band The Beef Manhattans. “I will perform for as long as people want me to entertain,” he said. “Regardless of what’s going on in your life, music is a friend that will always be there…”

And the other friend always there for Conley? Her name is Mom.

“What has guided me over the years is I know my mother loves me and because of that, I never wanted to let her down,” Conley said. “That kind of bond can keep you grounded and humble, for sure.”

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