“Mermaid” Cover June 2014

Artist Jennifer HartAbout Jennifer: Jen Hart is an award-winning, freelance artist and mother of two who finds her inspiration in the mediums she chooses. Although her love for art began before she could walk, Jen received her first accolade at the age of 6 when she won a coloring contest. Her unique vision and source material has won her recognition from art galleries and associations across Indiana. She loves working with discarded items and recycled goods. Her current reusable medium of choice is bottle caps, the medium used to create “Mermaid” and others. When choosing a subject matter she lets the bottle caps dictate the palette. She collects and smashes the bottle caps and sorts them by color, then she selects an image and inspiration flows from there. She is currently working on another bottle cap project entitled, “Four Roosters” as well as a commissioned piece. You can contact Jen at hartcapart@gmail.com.

Jen’s favorite glo feature: “I love the She Glo(w)s and He Glo(w)s feature. It’s always fascinating to read about interesting people in our area!”

Cover June 2014

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