May Date Night

Date nights, no matter your age, are an ideal way to stay deeply connected with your special person. Hey, life gets busy.

In my relationship, date nights are sacred. Between us, we have five children, two busy jobs, two homes, one very naughty dog and a bird who bites. We’re crazy-busy. So when date night arrives, we shut out all except one another. It’s OUR time. We need it. And I’d bet you and your honey do, too.

Shouldn’t date night be a routine for us all? Of course it should.
So grab your man, follow our plan, and enjoy….

May Rock Concert Night

The temperatures have warmed and it’s time to rock on, ladies! Leave the ‘80s hairdo for the photo album, and dress for a special, energetic night. Go a little outside the standard comfort zone—and show your man the fun edge that’s still within.

The Must-Haves


I wanna’ rock!

Pick your tix. Oldies rock, hard rock, classic rock, heavy metal or punk… whatever your flavor, there’s a venue not too far from Greater Fort Wayne. Have the honey pour your glass of wine and together pore over the musical options on the horizon. Between Detroit, Chicago, Indianapolis, Warsaw, and good ol’ Fort Wayne (and beyond), the talent within a short drive is rock-tastic!

Black Nail Polish

So it’s not your typical nail color. Go for it anyway. Try something different—and don the rocker look with details to the fingernails. (And, see if he notices…)


A rock concert is always energized with great tunes, electric beats, cheers and good times. And lots of germs. Bring a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your purse… no one needs to know.

A Lil’ Selfie

Selfies may be losing popularity, but ignore the trends for now. Snap a quick shot. Send it to the kids. Show ‘em Mom and Dad (or Grandma and Grandpa!) can still rock on. Fun and music are timeless.

What to Wear

what-to-wear-rock-concert-date-nightTake a baby-step outside the norm, ladies. Find leather or pleather pants for a rockin’ style that’ll raise his eyebrows—and the corners of his mouth. ‘Pleather’ is surprisingly affordable (and dare we say, even comfortable!?).

Check out this bright orange shirt to complement the sleek sexiness of your rocker pants. Brightly colored yet simple, this shirt says you’re not going overboard, but you don’t mind being noticed, either.

Don’t forget a small, orange purse. Orange to match your shirt, and small to allow for carefree dancin’ without worry of flying objects… it’s your night with your man. Have fun!

Black boots… no super high heels allowed, and no open-toed shoes or flip-flops for a concert. Slightly heeled black boots—attractive, functional, yet still a tad bit of sass. They’re perfect for you!

Prepare to dance and forget daily structure for a few hours. Reignite the fun of your past, and rock on with your man, rekindling the energy and excitement that brought you together in the first place… all during your May Date Night.

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