Makin’ It Permanent: Permanent Makeup

permanent-makeupLet’s face it. Putting on makeup is a daily ritual for many women. Sometimes it can be fun, but other times wouldn’t you love to just have the work done for you? If you’re a regular eyeliner, eyebrow or lipstick fan, a permanent application can save you tons of time getting ready in the morning.

The notion of having makeup permanently applied to the face can seem a bit scary and well, permanent. But knowing what looks good on you and what kind of makeup you normally apply is carefully considered at a consultation appointment. At Belle Sante Medical Spa in Fort Wayne, each client attends a consultation to meet with a professional makeup artist and determine whether she is a good candidate for the permanent process. According to makeup artist Heather Contreras of Belle Sante, “This is when the client has a chance to explore her options and discuss good colors and brow shapes for her face.”

The goal should be to achieve a very natural appearance, not a stark contrast that looks shocking. “Most people you pass on the street who have permanent makeup look so natural that you would never guess it,” Contreras said.

As you’re deciding to take the plunge at a reputable, professional spa, there are some other considerations. One is pain. Yes, the procedure is uncomfortable, but Contreras explained that a numbing treatment is administered to make the process less painful. And, professionally applied permanent makeup lasts, with minor retouches as time goes on.

Another factor to weigh is cost. Treatments range in cost from $250 for either upper or lower eyeliner to $500 for eyebrows or full lips. At Belle Sante, brows are the most popular cosmetic choice, for clients who have thinning or no existing brows. The cosmetic technicians at Belle Sante color, shape and style to the brows, and they only perform simulated or “stroke” brows for the most natural look possible.

Permanent makeup is a good solution for anyone in need of extra definition around the eyes, filling in sparse eyebrows, giving the illusion of fuller lips or just a little extra hand in shaving some time off the primping process each day. When considering permanent makeup, be sure to do some research and have an idea of what you’re looking for in a finished product, whether it’s simple, natural looking brows or full-on glam with eyes, brows and lips. Also make sure to select a professional spa or salon with certified makeup technicians, and don’t be afraid to ask other women for their reviews and opinions. It’s often word of mouth that speaks volumes about reputation. And finally, listen to the professionals with after care instructions and any necessary follow-up treatments.

In addition to Belle Sante, Fort Wayne is also home to Permanent Makeup by Lillian, whose team of estheticians, makeup artists and permanent makeup technicians have been in the business for over 25 years. They offer makeup solutions with permanent liner, eyebrow hair simulation and skin needling services.

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