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beautiful-eyelashes-how-toThere’s just something undeniably seductive about long, heavy lashes. The cosmetic industry confirms this by spending millions on the research and development of new product and methods for achieving that signature look.

However, many women find that look difficult to replicate. With that in mind, we delved into beauty’s inner sanctum to recover some of the best tips and available options for attaining those luscious lashes.

Professional Extensions

For perfectly executed falsies, check out a lash studio near you. They typically offer either mink or synthetic lashes and charge by the lash. Depending on material and adhesive used, lash extensions have a variety of life spans:

  • Strip extensions are one-piece applications, taking only minutes to apply and lasting 2 to 3 days.
  • Temporary extensions are great for events and special occasions. Temporaries are applied individually with light glue and will last around 7 days.
  • Semi-permanent extensions are applied with medical glue for a durable, long-lasting look. Lashes last until the natural lash sheds, typically 2 to 3 weeks.


Eyeliner makes your lashes appear thicker, so why not save a ton of time each day by having your liner tattooed? “We use anesthetics so the experience is really more uncomfortable than painful,” said Lillian Wollman, cosmetologist, aesthetician and owner of Permanent Makeup by Lillian. “If the client wants the illusion of lashes, you can even tattoo a lash line or two. Dotting the bottom lid also gives the appearance of natural lashes.”


If you’re feeling something more permanent and natural, Latisse might be a solution. Latisse is an FDA-approved treatment to grow fuller, longer lashes. But, like with all medications, there are a few caveats and possible side effects including red, itchy eyes; eyelid darkening; permanent brown coloring of the iris and hair growth outside the treatment area. Latisse should only be applied to the base of the upper lashes.

Price varies from $15 to $150, depending on where and how the product is purchased. Online ordering of generic and off-brand versions of the same chemical composition can save a customer $100+.

10 tips for DIY eyelashes

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