Little sisters can get really mad.

sue-rawlinsonI grew up the only girl in a sea of boys—from brothers to their dude friends who had brothers with more dude friends. And young boys do young boy things. Like spit, scratch and tease little sisters into sizzling spirals of fury. My neighborhood’s band of boys created quality entertainment entitled, ‘Let’s get little Sue mad.’ My pigtailed, miniature frame reacted to teasing (as the boys hoped) with a predictable, one-two response. One was my puny fist; two, however, was my foot lodged into any said boy’s shin or other body part.

Yes, I admit it.

Later, when my height peaked just under 5’3”, I quickly learned that my brain was my greatest strength—no matter how adept my foot was with contact in precarious places.

Knowledge is, indeed, the best power—and it leads to other intelligent habits. Like, patience is fulfilling. Grace is essential. Truth is the only sure foundation. Besides, when eruptions boil to ashes, what remains is not tangible anyways. It’s what’s within. It’s the emotional result of circumstance. So we must learn to rise above it all.

Deep stuff, eh? It’s these thoughts and revelations that somehow crystalize within me during this time of year. Why? I’m not quite sure. But I can guess.

Perhaps it’s because August is a season of transition. Of the last days of summertime freedom before wild school morning routines. Of kids who won’t get out of bed. Of appointments, homework, practice, bedtimes and more.

But truly, any time of transition forces introspection. And instead of being somber about all that must change, why not face the transition as a gift? As a privilege that forces you into awareness with new patterns, thus actually embracing a little more sense of urgency with school deadlines and registrations and tuition and shopping and finding classes and why-the-heck-didn’t- I-finish-that-degree-years-ago kinds of thoughts? It’s all a gift. Let’s try to embrace it as such.

That’s what this August issue is all about. Educating ourselves. Preparing each day. Learning to relax. And above all, being present to enjoy what’s before you. Like the magazine in your hands.

Go ahead. Turn the pages. Enjoy this glomade as a gift for you. (It IS free, you know…)

Happy August—and thank you for reading! ”

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