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We asked… YOU ANSWERED. So grab a hot latte and let’s chat, ladies! What one book changed your life? Here’ s what glo readers had to share, in their own words:

The Secret! It literally changed my life! –Elizabeth R.

The one book that changed my life is the Bible. From the first time to today I read the word and continue to grow and change in my life. The most inspirational book ever. –Robin L.

Brainwashing in Red China by Edward Hunter. As a teenager, my favorite place to go was the public library… I loved the card catalogue and the dragon lady librarians who made sure it was quiet and who put out a selection of books that one might not have noticed otherwise. I always looked at them and always found something new to me. October 1949 was the rebellion when Mao Tse Tung and the communists took power in China and… began a reign of one of the worst tyrannies in history. This book was about some of the methods used to control the population. To a teenager, the tortures, fear, poverty and “brainwashing” were horrifying and made my safe, secure little world more precious … –Mary Lou, a former librarian

My senior year in high school my English teacher suggested that I read The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway. I finally picked it up at the end of that year and have been grateful to that teacher ever since. I loved reading (still do), but it was the first time I’d felt a physical response to a book. I felt like I was there, struggling right along with him. It’s a beautiful book with a huge range of emotions, it is and will always be one of if my favorites. –Megan

Charlotte’s Web. The most inspirational book ever! –Kim

The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom. This book taught me what true, unconditional love is. It gave me a clear picture of undying faith, Godgiven strength, kindness and forgiveness. I don’t possess all of these all the time and at times don’t even come close. I gave this book many times as confirmation and graduation gifts and also to friends who I admire for their qualities. –Margo P.

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. First published in 1922. I read this when I was young and just re-read it at age 76. It is still one of my most favorite books. –M.L.

Tisha… by Robert Specht is my all time favorite book. It is about Anne Hobbs Purdy who became a teacher (Tisha) and moved to Chicken, Alaska, in 1928. I cannot tell you how many times I have read this book … I bought it in April of 1977 when my husband and I bought a business in Fort Wayne … I never would have dreamed how much this book would speak to me … I did not know at the time that we could not have children. Tisha adopts two children… We adopted a little boy who passed away within the first year of his life. During my time of mourning, I read Tisha to get me thru the hurt. I could read it in a day, finish it by evening and start it again the next day. The book brought me so much comfort… Then we adopted a little girl a year and half later. She is the joy of our lives. I read the book many more times thru the years …

It is a story to make you feel good and as a bonus, you get a few laughs along the way… Anne Hobbs Purdy passed away on April 15, 1987. Her obituary appeared in the Journal Gazette. I lost a long time friend. –Barb K.

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