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Girl Runner | by Carrie Snyder

Girl RunnerCarrie Snyder brings readers a novel about a woman who pushed against her physical limitations, against the limitations of society and against the limitations of family burdens. Aganetha Smart was a runner who went to the Olympics in 1928—the first year that women were permitted to compete in track events. And she took the gold medal home to Canada. Snyder sets her story in Aganetha’s later years in a nursing home as she gives her testimony to reporters. But life has a few more limitations to test against the will of Aganetha Smart…


How To Make Frozen Yogurt | by Nicole Weston

Non-FictionIn my family, summer is all about the ice cream. Nicole Weston brings us a collection of creamy recipes for a sweet, less-guilty indulgence. She makes her frozen treats with Greek yogurt to ensure a smooth freeze, full-fat dairy product and a churning method called the “Meringue Method” to introduce aeration. Learn to make flavors like maple bacon, mint julep, chai spice, coffee or roasted banana and salted caramel. Tip: All of these decadent flavors do require an ice cream maker.


Dreamers and Deceivers | by Glenn Beck

Dreamers and Deceiver“Dreamers and Deceivers” is Glenn Beck’s follow-up to “Miracles and Massacres.” Everyone has a story, and Beck brings his readers 10 true stories that explore the life of entrepreneur Steve Jobs and spy Alger Hiss and more. Beck seems to be restructuring the history book and it is a wildly popular format, allowing readers intimate insight into visionaries who would otherwise remain a mystery. This book is perfect for Glenn Beck fans or history fans or anyone looking for something unique to read at the lake this summer.

Little Read

Monkey and Elephant Get Better | by Carole Lexa Schaefer

Monkey and Elephant Get BetterIf your little reader is between ages 5 and 9, this sweet chapter book is a must. The elephant playfully copies what the monkey says until the monkey confronts him. “We are not the same,” protests Monkey. When Elephant gets sick, Monkey takes care of him and Elephant returns the favor when Monkey begins to sniffle. “Monkeyand Elephant Get Better” is a simple lesson in appreciating one another’s differences, which leaves the door open for a deeper discussion with your little reader about cultures and more.

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