Kristin Packnett – Opal & Ruby Emporium, owner


Photo by Leaha Meinika

As owner of Opal & Ruby Emporium in Fort Wayne, Kristin Packnett knows what it means to be successful in business. But perhaps more importantly, she knows what it means to be successful in life and relationships—thanks to the love and encouragement of her parents.

“My parents are the most influential people in my life,” said Packnett. “I have had the opportunity to watch and learn from my father who is a trusted leader, innovator and catapult of opportunity for so many. He is always doing something that makes life better for someone else; his wisdom and discernment are admirable.”

Growing up, Packnett knew the value of a loving, God-centered life, led by committed and encouraging parents. “I’m blessed to be part of a tightknit family,” she said. “My parents created a very safe, loving and nurturing home for me and my sister. There was always a lot of trust and opportunity… God was, and remains, the priority, followed by the importance of family.”

Indeed, Packnett names her father as one of the most important people in her life. “I’m thankful that I have always had a great relationship with my dad,” she shared. “ He’s a very honest and available dad who lets me be me. My father is a provider, and his sense of giving is infectious to me, my mom and my sister. He worked very hard to create opportunity for us all. I’m eternally grateful.”

“Father-daughter relationships are unique and fragile,” she continued. “A dad is the first man in a girl’s life. He is her standard for any other man who comes along. My relationship with my dad is unique because he is dependable, and he shared so many things that are important to him with me, and we have created a bond, especially with sports and music!”

Not only is Packnett close to her dad, but with her mother as well. She has been through her mom’s breast cancer battle and both women have come out even stronger as a result. “My mom is a survivor in all senses of the word,” she explained. “She has a lot of fight and she endures. She is compassionate, creative and full of encouragement. Mom is the model of what I hope to be as a woman.”

Packnett relies on the love, strength and advice of her parents when living her life today. “Do the best you can do, and let the rest fall into place. Learn from mistakes, and evolve—don’t stay burdened by the things you can’t change,” she said.

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