A What-to-Know Guide to Becoming a Mother

When we are about to become a new mother, we think we know what that means. But do we really? Some Fort Wayne moms give us the true 411.

It starts with what you do – or don’t – need if you are having a baby. Lydia Henschen says, “Every time I see a first time parent’s baby shower registry, I laugh because they don’t need half the junk on there.” Megan Marie Vernon agrees: “We had a crib, pack and play, and bassinet! My daughter slept with us instead of all those things.”

Most of the moms agree that both for the better and for the worse, your life will never be the same once you become a parent. For Curi Alisa Ramsey, “No one told me how hard it was going to be. Going from doing what you want to having a tag along.” While she doesn’t resent the time she spends with her children, it has been tough to find time to still be a couple.

Everything you do as a parent has to be carefully considered. “Every decision you make, every action, will impact not just you anymore,” says Heather Henry. “And you will always forever second-guess yourself once you’re a mother. It’s definitely not easy, but the rewards far outweigh the sacrifice,” concludes Henry.

“You have to be the person you want your child to be and walk the walk. They (children) truly are little mirrors of their surroundings,” says Jessica Reeder Stroh.

Then there are those practical considerations: “When your kid naps, you nap!” Dervisa Hrustic recommends.

“Housework, dishes, laundry will all wait; cherish each moment they (your children) want to be held and played with,” says Amanda Silvey- Grimwood. But when you must do housework, Rebecca Gerdom Valdez says “Mr. Clean magic erasers are your best friend.” She uses them to clean nearly everything. And she highly recommends getting recharge- able batteries, since her family uses them for everything.

Perhaps the best advice of all, however, comes from Angela Gage: “Do what’s best for you and what’s best for baby. Learn as you go and don’t be so hard on yourself.”

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