Kathy Robbins, Detective

Detective Kathy Robbins has served on the Indiana State Police force for 28 years, and has spent the past 18 years as sergeant, investigative squad leader.

She has seen it all.

“I began thinking about a career in law enforcement early on,” Robbins said. “As a kid I loved the uniform and what it stands for.”

Growing up on a farm, Robbins quickly learned from her parents the value of hard work and raising a family. “They instilled in us a strong sense of family,” she explained. “We were raised that everyone helps around the house and I always had chores.”

Robbins brought her strong work ethic and family-centered upbringing to the table when she met her husband, Gary, in 1992. “I met the love of my life and with him he brought two children into the relationship, Brian, aged 5, and Jennifer, aged 8,” she said. “I developed a very strong relationship with them and considered them my own.”

This bond was put to the ultimate test when Jennifer was diagnosed with lung cancer at the young age of 19, and given just a year to live. “Our whole life stopped,” Robbins said. “She had so much to give to the world and she was taken from us at such an early age. Over the course of that year she was the real trooper with more courage than all of us.”

Through the unthinkable ordeal of losing their daughter, Robbins and her husband learned the true meaning of love and family, cherishing every precious second. “You think while your child is growing up that it’s no big deal to miss something, but you can never make up the lost time with a child,” she said.

Overcoming such an unimaginable loss is just one more nod to Robbins’ incredible mental toughness and strength in character as a mother, wife and female member of the police force. “I felt if I did my job to the best of my abilities, I would be accepted for my work ethic and as a trooper,” she said.

This positivity has been instilled in son Brian, who joined the Indiana State Police in 2011. The family continues to exhibit their strength in their daily lives, both personal and professional. “I want to give the people of the State of Indiana the best possible service I can,” she said. “I hope I have projected a positive image towards women who would want to pursue this career.”

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